Did you know that good quality air ventilation plays a vital role in returning to work safely in the midst of Covid-19?

The National Air Quality Testing Services has recently revealed that very low air change rates within buildings could increase the risk of transmission of the Covid-19.  Their studies have shown that in some environments, even small increases in flow rates could significantly reduce the risk of infection. Raising airflows from zero to 100 cu m/hr cuts the risk by up to 60 per cent.

The NAQTS also stated that “Simply ramping up cleaning procedures could create unintended consequences that do not address the full range of infection risks.  The important thing is having quality information and we are using the level of CO2 to show whether the ventilation is working as intended.”

How can JT Group UK help you?

With a growing awareness of the risks posed by airborne pathogens, JT Group UK has the expertise and capabilities to carry out full ventilation surveys to check the flow rates and effectiveness of existing ventilation systems, enabling us to make recommendations for improving systems ready for the time when employees start returning to their office spaces.

These workplace surveys also provide an opportunity to look at other areas that may benefit from some adjustments, such as adding additional partition walls to promote social distancing and minimise the number of people in one room at the same time.  Providing staff with additional hot water points for tea and coffee making is also a positive way to reduce social interaction and additional hand washing facilities assist in promoting good hygiene practices.

Another thing to consider when returning to dormant work spaces is the potential risk of other diseases and infections, our Facilities Management teams are able to assist you with a full office deep clean and chlorination of your water supply to ensure the water system is safe for your employees.

For further information on workplace surveys for returning to work safely in the midst of Covid-19, or to speak to one of our team, please get in touch.

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